What's in YOUR portfolio?

Lender Sentinel is a patented, unique, new to the industry software based early warning system. Lender Sentinel stores and analyzes lender specific data and combines it with dynamic market information in a historical database. This cutting edge software allows the user to not only track, but dynamically project trends, shifts and potential problems long before they happen. This allows clients to protect their assets and make informed and intelligent decisions before the competition. Lender Sentinel is the only tool you need to stay ahead of the curve, make smart decisions and keep your most valuable assets where you need them, in your portfolio.

100% Client Controlled. 100% Dynamic.
  • Dynamic Database of Real Estate Portfolio Assets
  • Dynamic Real Time Market Values
  • Dynamic Real Time Reporting
  • Early Warning Alerts Based On Client Controlled Tolerances
  • Monitors Development Properties for Activity
  • Dynamic Portfolio Stress/Shock Tests
  • Dynamic, Current Quantitative Market Data
  • Provides Clients With The Data Needed To Drive Down Loan Losses